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    He was a bit surprised, "I and Junior Brother Tan are the only ones related..."

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    Later, On Nhien had to have dinner with Duong Lang and the others at the inn. Right now she couldn't eat much. She held her chin in one hand and picked up a fruit with the other to stuff it inside. her mouth one by one, watching intently, he nibbled on the cake with pleasure.

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    So, for a long time to come, Yu Chaochao is happy to share the progress of the relationship between friends with his sister.

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    Speaking of this, Chu YY was also a little uncomfortable. She had to turn around and go back to the capital to find guests to stay. When she arrived in Hui Chau, she had to postpone it. How could this make people happy.

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    She closed her eyes, trying her best to release the remaining spiritual energy in her body.

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    Quang Binh Marquis The Tu, Han Tu Chuong.

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    Only occasionally does she open the window to look at the black chrysanthemum in the yard. The black chrysanthemum blooms very evenly and beautifully.

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    Tham Ngu nodded slightly, "It's time to rest."

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    Tham Ngu, who was walking in front, heard a noisy sound behind him. He looked at the back of the young man in front several times, but said nothing.

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    They say that demons are all heartless people.

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    When Chu YY spoke, her eyes looked towards Trinh Phuc from beginning to end. It seemed that as her words fell, the person in front of her eyes also relaxed.

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    Qi Buyu, who was always rejected, still did not change his original intention to join Tang Ling.

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    Looking at Mo Ngon's cold face, Han Tu Chuong felt that perhaps his words were too presumptuous. After thinking about it, he softened his voice, raised his eyebrows, and tried to control himself and said: "I'm also worried, it's okay." What." Malice. Ciping bandits, you have made a great contribution. Although I have nothing to do with you belonging to Xin'anwei, we finally wiped out the bandits together. I'm interested in you isn't unreasonable, but it's just a regular greeting. Don't think too much about it."

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    Manh Tam's eyes darkened, "What did Trau Tinh say?"

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    From ancient times until now, the three places of Jiangning, Suzhou, and Hangzhou have all been prosperous and wealthy places. Needless to say, collecting a little money and filling the national treasury is unnecessary. Even if you're putting in your own money, as long as you don't make things too ugly and keep things smooth, no one will pursue it.

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    She opened her mouth to praise him, but when she raised her head to look at Mo Ngon, she caught a glimpse of someone coming out of the studio in front of her.

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    “Get up!” On Nhien sat up from the bed. She struggled to remove the tail that was wrapped around her body. Seeing that the person lying next to her still did not move, she patted her beautiful white tail, "Get up, let's go!" breakfast."

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    Having finished speaking, the two sat down next to each other on the armchair.

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    Today she planned to go out. After changing her clothes, she took a carriage to the post office in the capital.